About Us

We aim to optimize site preservation, architectural integration and investor return/value.

Investment Focus

Delivering strong value creation on all our projects, to our partners and investors, while respecting strong ethical and ESG principles.

We strive to achieve sustainable real estate developments that conserve and harmonize the landscapes of the Nation's Capital and its surroundings.

Secteurs d'investissement





Land Development

Land Development

Investment focus

Project Development and Management - Real Estate and Asset Management

We operate in two strategic investment sectors, each with their own risks, profiles and return potential.Some of our investments can move from one sector to the other throughout their life cycle, creating interesting return synergies; for example, this strategy is well used and realized in urban 'infill' redevelopments of end-of-life buildings and under-densified land.


Real Estate Development and Project Management

This segment of our strategy focuses on acquiring raw land, urban infill or underutilized/under-optimized properties.

Combining the expertise of our development team and our business partners, a fresh vision is infused into these properties, they are developed to their highest and best use while maintaining tasteful architecture and state-of-the-art sustainable design and communities

Our project management team oversees our development and construction processes while ensuring that "schedule and costs" are rigorously monitored to achieve our development objectives and goals. Often, development or redevelopment projects are the most complex and require more time, upfront capital and expertise to generate improved cash flow while achieving asset stabilization.

While real estate development can be considered more risky, our expertise and processes mitigate and reduce development and financial risks. With experience and expertise in land, office, mixed-use and multi-residential developments, InHarmony offers a structured development process that includes expert financial modeling (pro-formas), project management, financing expertise and strategy, and an unparalleled team and network of leasing experts.

Real Estate and Asset Management

This segment of our strategy allows us to acquire, optimize and hold stable, long-term cash flowing properties with predictable cash flows and asset value growth.

We seek to unlock and create additional value through targeted asset management. Strategies include the acquisition of residential assets where rents can be optimized to market levels through the investment of new capital in the renovation, refreshment and repositioning of these assets - while increasing the competitiveness of each asset.

Our Team

Marc Shank

President & Chief Executive Officer

Marc founded InHarmony Developments in the mid-2000s and brings over 25 years of leadership experience and expertise in the real estate industry. Seeking strong value creation, portfolio optimization while abiding to strong ESG principles are key and critical to InHarmony & its partners/investors real estate investing successes.

Prior to founding InHarmony, he held an executive role with Canada's second largest REITs, Cominar, where he oversaw leasing, management, asset management and development for a national office portfolio which exceeded 10 million square feet, as well as the planning, development and repositioning of the REIT's commercial portfolio and some of its major shopping centers. Before that, he was the Managing Director and member of Newmark Knight Frank Devencore's National Executive Committee.

He holds a degree from McGill University in Applied Real Estate and a B.A. in Finance from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. In 1993, he received the title of Chartered Appraiser (CA) from the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec, as well as the AACI designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada. He was in private practice in Eastern Canada as an appraiser for financial institutions, trusts, REITs and major real estate developers and owners, before his firm was acquired by the Staubach Group in 2000 - which was subsequently acquired by the renowned firm of Jones Lang LaSalle.

Marc-Alexandre Shank

Partner - Director of Development & Finance

Marc-Alexander graduated with honours from Carleton University with a major in marketing and a minor in finance. Over the past five years, he has bought, sold and leased properties on behalf of his clients and personally, totaling over $15 million in volume. Marc-Alexander specializes in assembling and syndicating investment groups while aligning the appropriate investments for those investors.

To date, he has worked closely with private clients, municipalities and contractors to create turnkey projects ranging from single-family homes to mixed-use and multi-family projects. Marc-Alexander is responsible for asset and property management for the InHarmony portfolio and has a strong team. He ensures that each asset has an optimization plan and makes sure that each asset plan is monitored and optimized. Specializing in identifying underperforming assets, establishing a game plan and deploying those plans that ensure stabilized and improved cash flows, generating greater real estate value. While overseeing a team of property and project managers, his passion and creativity are reflected in every project undertaken, while ensuring client satisfaction.

Marc-Alexander's goals at InHarmony are to continue to grow the InHarmony portfolio, assemble investment groups and seek out development opportunities that fit the investor profile(s), asset management plan(s) and portfolio balance.

Simon Tessier

Partner - Director of Operations & Project Management

Academically, Simon holds a bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in finance and a minor in real estate management from the University of Québec in Outaouais (UQO). In addition, he is presently completing his master's degree in business Management specialized in project management.

Simon has developed his expertise over the course of the last 7 years in the financial field, among other things, specializing in costing and budget management. As a senior financial analyst, Simon was given mandates relating to budget development and financial monitoring for multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.

Within the company, Simon is responsible for managing and coordinating field operations including but not limited to: coordinating the work of general contractors and professionals involved in Inharmony’s construction and renovation projects. In addition, Simon oversees negotiations related to professional mandates and ensures deadlines are met whilst ensuring a end-quality product. With his field expertise, Simon offers advice, formed in experience, regarding planning and design specifications. Aligned with InHarmony’s commitment to sustainable development and design, Simon’s mandate is to ensure new materials and technologies are studied and implemented.

Simon is himself a real estate investor and manages a real estate portfolio valued in excess of $15M.